Cactus Madness

Okay, just a friendly tip for you; do not try and pick up a cactus plant from above.

cacti 1

I have admired mini cactus plants from afar, mainly my sister’s cactus that lives in a little teacup and on the many cactus and various other spiky plant trend on instagram. Anyway, I recently discovered some new cacti in a local garden centre, going for 90p a plant, my Gran kindly bought me three. Yay! I know have a rather diverse catus family in various parts of my room.

I thought I’d include some quick cactus facts, because I find it interesting and I want to force it on you all.

  • You can drink cactus water. Remember this for when you’re stranded in the Sahara with no water supply
  • Cactus can live between 15-300 years, so my cactus family may become an antique family heirloom. Hmm.
  • They can be green, blue-ish or brown-green
  • Some cacti create a (suspicious) substance called mescaline which induces hallucinogenic effects. It has been used by shamans to induce trans-like state and stimulate “communication” with God. Next E it seems. Get away from the plant. 

Okay enough learning, Here is a another photo just in case you have forgotten what a cactus looks like since the first photo.cacti

Hope you all have a great week!

Z x


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