Boots and Fairies.

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Shall we all just take a moment right now and appreciate these shoes? I say, yes let’s. I am so doing this to my doc martens in the summer. Which reminds me actually that I am planning my next volunteering project in…MEXICO. I know, hard to contain the excitement right?!

I have been doing my art coursework on ‘Urban Decay’ focusing on textures and textiles. I get to do all my favourite things in  it which is just a bonus, hunting for derelict buildings, taking hundreds of photos, drawing, sewing and good old fashioned “ripping stuff up”. Today I got some fabric and made my brother cycle over it about 50 times, aiming to create some destroyed effect. Turns out it didn’t do much. So next up I try soaking it in coffee for an hour and putting it in the oven. Actually now i think of it I don’t think I turned the oven off…one second before I cause some kind of smog in the kitchen.

All is well. No smog as I’m sure you’ll be glad to know.

I have been exploring Pinterest which is just oh so inspirational. I found this photo, not really sure how it inspires me actually. Its a nice picture though so lets just not stick a label on it. Actually I have considered scrap-booking so maybe it could come into that, but honestly when will I find the time to scrapbook? Maybe it should be my Breaking Bad substitute, probably be more productive at least.

I have been deprived of my Cochlear Implant for almost two weeks now, which is thoroughly depressing. It’s my main source of hearing, so for now, can you just bear with? Thanks. At least its preparation for when I run away to a remote village with no electricity where I wouldn’t be able to charge my hearing stuff. Ok, mum, if you’re reading this please take a breath, I’m not really running away. I’m continuing my A Levels because it truly enthrals me.Screen shot 2014-11-23 at 20.17.41

Went to a vintage fair today, it was like a really bad traffic jam on the M6 but with buggies and women in really puffy skirts. It was fun trying on vintage and not-so-vintage clothes and picking little decorative things up and saying ‘ooh thats nice, I won’t buy it though, I’ll just make it myself’. My Gran has given me some of her very own vintage headscarves and clutches so I am all set for vintage-ness for the time being. The M6 business reminds me actually that yesterday I drove on a big scary 70mph dual carriageway for the first time ever. I swear my hands were shaking like they were about the unscrew themselves and plop in my lap. Nice bit of graphic imagery for you there, I do apologise. But yes anyway, I feel that this was somewhat of an achievement as I didn’t crash or veer off into a field.

My sister got a birthday present for her and two friends to go to a restaurant in the shard in London which sounds pretty amazing. She deserves something special as she has been doing her first ever full-time job at Great Ormond Street Hospital! I shall have to go and visit soon, explore London, moan to each other and maybe get a bit of shopping in.

I kind of look forward to going back to college tomorrow, is it weird that I actually like Mondays? I guess I like the structure side of things, where I can get loads of work done and not have to worry about it (much) after college finishes. But then again I like Fridays better than Mondays. I have been editing and re-editing my personal statement for university and it scares me how fast the deadline is coming up, it’ll be posted by tomorrow though!


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