Rucu Pichincha Volcano por favor!


Today Monika took us to visit our project to meet the staff and choose our classes, I’ve decided on the toddlers and Emily is working with the older age group. They are so cute!!! I can’t wait to start my project but at the same time I don’t want things to go too quickly, the end of the first week is almost here D: Tomorrow night all six volunteers living here are going to the beach this weekend which I’m looking forward to. Emily and I took a ride on the cable car up Rucu Pichincha Volcano. We shared a car with four boys from Chile who kept asking us to sing our national anthem and in the end they sang theirs instead which made us laugh as they were very enthusiastic. The views at the top were absolutely amazing and I underestimated the size of Quito. The air was really thin at over 15,900 ft, it made it harder to breathe but it was worth it! We saw some alpacas at the top and we have seen lots of stray dogs around the city. I feel more comfortable in this house now and Im getting to know the other volunteers and Larry… I can’t say Bon Bon the dog is too pleased with me though!


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