Day Two


This is the bedroom I’m in, the bed with the divine looking blanket is mine, its actually bigger than my bed at home. We were less jetlagged today so we got up at 6.20 instead of 5.30…progress! This morning I’ve been to Spanish chool for four hours, my teacher is called Mercedes and she’s a little crazy in a good way. I’ve got so much spanish to learn and she can’t believe I’m only going to lessons for a week, so she took me on a little fieldtrip to a shop where I had to ask for things in Spanish, I can’t say I did too well actually. We’re still planning the weekend to the beach, although the other volunteers are buying their bus tickets tonight. It’s only $9 for a 7 hour journey! :O We’ve been looking at the Devil’s Nose train ride which looks amazing and terrifying at the same time. The buildings here are really colourful which I didn’t expect and while we were at the market yesterday these tiny children kept trying to sell us things while following us around with these forlorn looks on their faces šŸ˜¦ Monika has been scaring everyone with her warning stories including people who were mugged two metres from her house. The other volunteers are great, most are from America but one was from Norway, she’s actually flying home now though. I’m hoping to go and try this amazing ice cream shop that eveyone is talking about! šŸ˜›


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