The nerves are here…

Well, in 3 days I will be starting my journey to Quito, Ecuador. I’ve been really excited when thinking about all the new experiences i’ll come across, meeting my host family and the children I’m working with, immersing myself in a a new language and culture. The time is creeping up on me much faster than I thought it would, my bag is partially packed, lurking in the corner of my room. I’m starting to feel the nerves kick in.

The furthest I’ve been away from home alone is Texas, although staying with people I hadn’t met, I had had a couple of years contact with them, and my dad for longer and they are technically very distant cousins. That trip was also only for ten days, whereas I’m staying in Ecuador for 3 weeks, so it has prepared me in someways but the experience as a whole will be completely different. Now the time to leave is arriving, its only just starting to hit me that I don’t really know anyone there; I’ve emailed my host and met the other volunteer once, I can only speak a little Spanish, I’ll be away from my family and a familiar environment for nearly a month….argh I’m just scared!

I’m sure that its just a blip and that once I get to Ecuador I’ll be too busy and excited to even think about homesickness and anything of the sort. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for a year and a half, there’s no way I’m going let a bit of worry put a damper on this experience. Being in contact with a previous volunteer has definitely helped, they’ve shared their own experiences that remind me of why I’m doing this project. Actually, after this vent I feel more relaxed already!


5 thoughts on “The nerves are here…

  1. That mixture of fear and excitement will give you the energy to manage the flight and meeting everyone in Quito, Enjoy every second of your time in Ecuador and give the kids a hug from me.

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