My second independent adventure abroad!

I might have already told you, but on the 18th July I leave to go on an adventure of a lifetime to Quito, Ecuador! I’m so excited!! I’m volunteering for three weeks, for the past year I had been envisioning myself on my project in an orphanage. However, today I got an email from the boss of it all, saying that my project couldn’t have me as I wasn’t staying long enough. I hadn’t read the whole email just yet so, being me, started having heart palpitations, obviously it was shock to be moved when it had been organised, months of fundraising and letter writing and finding flights…

But not to worry! I’ve been put on another project that sounds just as amazing, working with children in the shanty town off the side of a volcano! :O I’m going to be teaching english, working mostly in the school and caring for the children. Its probably a good idea I’m not quite 18 yet as I’m pretty sure I’d want to adopt all the children! I’ve attached a link to the new project I’m doing and this is the organisation I’m volunteering with, in case you want to embark on a volunteering experience abroad!


Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh, I’m positively ecstatic!


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