Running: A Redeemed Freedom

So I thought that it was about time I posted something on here again, I’ve been busy concentrating on revision so its a relief to breathe for a bit 🙂

I’ve recently started to feel the urge to start up running again, I used to run loads when I younger but later developed a resentment, which I think mostly came about when I had to do things like athletics and sports days at school…I hate running in competitions!  But it looks like I’m sImagetarting to enjoy it more again. I’ve heard several people say ‘The first steps are always the hardest!’ and I realised that for me, when I feel the motivation, the first steps are the easiest. Its when the adrenaline builds up and sudden feeling of freedom washing over me and then my legs start pounding the pavement faster and faster, its the closest I’ll probably get to flying for no money at all. The first few minutes I feel like laughing, it really is like experiencing euphoria. The hardest steps for me is when I reached halfway and I realise I’ve still got all that distance to go, its a strange feeling of reluctance to turn back on myself, against rather than running with the wind, running into it. I think that part of it has to do with the fact that my house is on a hill so when I leave it I tumble downhill and then I have to push myself up it on the way back. And then of course the achey legs later that day.


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