I Really Hate Making Decisions

I’m one of those people who hate having to make decisions, whether its what kind of cupcake I want to buy or more importantly what I want to do with my life.

College is already talking about filling in UCAS forms and personal statements….madness! For those who might not be aware, UCAS is a form that people have to fill out in order to apply for university and the personal statement is basically an essay about yourself but with a whole lot of cramming in about achievements and  work experiences and hobbies into a small word count. So anyway, I’m beginning to get stressed becausstress overloade I don’t know if I’m even staying at my college next year or moving to another one…never mind a choice that indicates the career path for the rest of my working life, 17 is too young to be thinking about what I’m going to still be doing when I’m 60 something!! How are we supposed to know if the choices are the right ones, I don’t want to make a mistake and then not being able to go back on it, these next few years need to be good, no more wasting away the years wishing I was doing something else.


My AS exams are coming up in 4 weeks. Four weeks. I know that I’m lucky because I only have two subjects that you can technically revise for but that doesn’t stop me stressing, I also need to fundraise at least £600 for my orphanage visit in Quito by June, I need top finish my Arts Award and my EPQ, I need to email several people and I need to decide on what college to go to within the next few weeks and and and….


Ok rant over, I promise a happier post next time 🙂


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