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The Setup Man

Greetings sports fans,

The sporting world has certainly been buzzing to kick off the new year. Just 16 days into January, and we already have a BCS Champion in Florida State, a $200-million pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers and a Seattle team in the NFL that is just two wins away from its first-ever Lombardi Trophy.

If you read yesterday’s post, the Seahawks were also getting press for limiting ticket sales to 49ers fans.

Today’s blog will also include the team from Seattle, but in a completely different way.

If you don’t have someone to root for in this Sunday’s NFC Championship Game, think again.

Brace yourself for your daily morning motivation.

The Story

Derrick Coleman has played 12 games for the Seahawks this season, but just two years ago on this day, he didn’t know where football would take him.

The Los Angeles native has built his…

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