Setting up a group for deaf teens!

   So today my mum and me met another deaf girl with her mum. She’s around the same age as me, the first deaf person I’ve seen in a long time! It’s strange that I don’t have any deaf friends, I’ve always seemed to be in the hearing world, nobody else was deaf at school or in my family, I’d like to make friends with some though! It’s also goo dthat the mum’s got a chance to share their experiences of having deaf children.

   Anyway, back to today! It was good to talk to someone who had similar experiences to me, even though we have different levels of deafness we both share some mutual understanding. We’ve talked about setting up a group for deaf teens in this area (even though she lives about 50 minutes away from me), there’s not really much around for teens but even less or deaf teens as cinemas etc are limited, and it would be good to meet new people. We could even do talks or sign petitions for things like having subtitles are the cinema, or spreading deaf awareness! I’m quite excited! 🙂  


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