After my hard work emailing Sky about subtitles

I did get a response from Sky, this is it:

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide a list of production companies, if you still wish to obtain this you would need to source this information directly via the internet.

Sorry I have been unable to assist further with your enquiry.

Kind Regards

Despite the fact that I had requested to know which channels were “100% subtitled” (as they told me in the email before), there was no mention of which channel it is. There was nothing about increasing the number of subtitled showings, merely just claiming that they were above Ofcom recommendations. There was also no mention of aiming to improve the efficiency of subtitles such as actually ensuring that they are in sync with non-live programmes. So of course I also emailed Ofcom, although the have not yet replied.

I really don’t think this is good enough, they do not seem to care or be in any way motivated to try and put more subtitles on programmes or even put working, in sync subtitles on the ones that do have subtitles on. Channel 4 still have not replied to my email…

Once I have my mind set on something I can be pretty determined! I won’t stop my pestering until there are subtitles on numerous channels for deaf people in this country!!


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