Retirement. Oh my God, will be confined to working forever

Okay, forever is a slight exaggeration, but read this link:


So it says that by 2060 the retirement age will be 70. By 2060 I’ll be in my 60s so at least I won’t go higher than 70 (unless of course the age is adjusted). I’ve not even started my career yet but I already know I don’t want to work for that long. Even if life expectancy does rise…my generation might still want a rest after about 50 years of working. Of course its possible to retire early if you can actually afford it.  I’m now more determined than ever to get a amazingly well paid job so I can retire when I’m 40…well, I can dream. Although I guess that if I really really love my job (whatever that might be) I might just do it for life.


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