Spreading the Christmas spirit (yes, I do know its November)

In our household Christmas has already begun!! With ‘decks the halls with boughs of holly’ on replay in my head I helped my mum build one of our christmas tree. Yes that’s right, build. No we are not magic or a god of some sort, we have a fake tree that look real (but better) and you have to layer individual branches. It’s very time consuming, but my sister and my dad are both allergic to trees and mum hates the little needles that get stuck in the carpet…so fake but realistic is the way to go! Its a tradition to decorate the house and put up the tree on the 1st of December. Which also happens to be my sister’s birthday, she’s 21 this year and has 7 friends coming over so mum wants the house to be decorated before. I’m being kicked out of my room, and so’s my brother…I can’t imagine there’s anywhere for us to sleep, I can’t bare to think it might be the garden…


Feeling utterly Christmassy and I’m happy that I no longer have to prick myself with fake needles or greet death with one leg standing on stools to reach the top of the tree.


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