Court Madness

Hey everyone!

Well today I enjoyed coming getting home at 12.30 rather than 5.30…but as much as I would have liked to spend the rest of the day staring at the unusually blue sky and bake cakes, I had to go to court.

No, I’m not a criminal. Although I suspect I would make an excellent Bond villain if I do say so myself. Anyway, I went to a court hearing with my parents and a man from NDCS and we went into a scary room with a big jury and a scary judge in a wig and a gravel and security dotted everywh-okay there’s no way you’re going to believe that. It was just a small court that was more like a big conference room. It was to try and persuade them to allow me to receive disability living allowance. I get really nervous in these situations as most people would, but I couldn’t hear what one of the judges was saying (he had a beard and a Scottish accent!), I was so frustrated and embarrassed at saying ‘sorry?’ ‘pardon?” repeatedly, much to my absolute horror I started crying!! I’m an ugly cryer too. I didn’t want to, inside I was screaming at myself to not cry. To top it all off I wailed ‘I’m sorweee’. So embarrassing. Seriously cannot think about it anymore or I will throw up in abhorrence. It went okay though from there onwards…despite all the pressure, fear and gut wrenching nerves. We will receive a letter declaring whether I have it or not sometime next week!


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