So, I’m almost three months into the first year of 6th form. It requires a lot of pain staking early mornings and an hour long journey to college. I actually love the train ride though, most of the journey consist of idyllic views of the estuaries….ahhhhh. I’m sure you can put yourself in my place now, you’re sat in a seat by the window having managed to secure yourself two seats, cleverly ‘hiding’ the other seat with anything possible like bags, hats scarves. When somebody comes along and stares at the seat expectantly, no mention of ‘excuse me’ or even a ‘please’. No, on the train apparently manners are not required. So stare them down, hold your fort together! Eventually they skulk away somewhere else. Oh yes, remember how I mentioned how I loved the view? Well that is soon overpowered by whatever smell the old rickety train may be accumulating. Every vile stench you can think of, damp, mould, smoke, BO…need I go on? I don’t mean to sound like a complete moaner, it’s just that I’m very good at moaning. The last stop on the train is Manchester airport and I really have to hold in the urge to stay on the train until the last stop and fly to Spain or somewhere and skip school! Ah the freedom one could have!


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